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Sunday, June 03, 2007

true colors

my sister, knowing that i am currently way into earth shoes, bought me a pair even though they cost a million dollars. she really hates to spend money. she found these somewhere online for sale. and i don't think i can really return them. before i received the shoes she told me that we could work out a way to return them if i didn't like them.

my brother and sister have very narrow comfort zones when it comes to color. this is weird to me because i find neutral colors sort of restrictive. i think that maybe my sister just doesn't understand color. sean told me that he will be teaching a color theory class for one semester.* i'm wondering if my sister might need to take this class. the shoes she bought me are a deep plum color. she thinks they match everything. blacks and browns. i agreed, but commented that they would not match the shirt i was wearing. bright orange (as you can see from the picture). she didn't understand why. how do you explain to someone over the phone that deep, deep plum doesn't really match with traffic cone orange? i would just understand without being shown a picture. christie might not understand even if she saw the two in person. i've got to say in the pictures i've attached the strange color of plum is not quite captured. imagine something a little redder and a little browner. i really wish the color came out better. in this picture i could sort almost see them matching. in any case, orange is a strange choice of color to pair with plum. i also had a difficult time explaining that only certain pants would go with platform mary janes. i was wearing very, very baggy men's jeans yesterday. it just looked weird. a person needs tighter, shorter pants so that the shape of the shoe is more obvious.

christie insists these are everyday shoes. there is nothing i could possibly wear that wouldn't match. sometimes when my mother buys me presents i obviously wouldn't like, i ask question whether or not she knows me. in this case i think something else is at play. i think maybe my sister just does not understand color or style.

she also looked at these shoes, but rejected them because she thought them so bizarre that no one would ever wear them. these are shoes i actually really like. i can't swap because my mother thinks it will hurt my sister's feelings. if you see me in these shoes, you now know why. i am trapped. they are quite comfortable. i should stop being whiny and instead be more practical.

* i think he said that he will be but he could have said might be.

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Ok, first, those red shoes you didn't get are way cute. But. I tihnk you are underestimating the usefulness of the purple shoes. I think they look kind of awesome and that you can wear them with a lot of stuff.

I think you're being weird.
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