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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


please, if you are bored, consider looking around for a new job for me. i am beyond ready to leave this job. send me anything you think i would be qualified for as i tend to think i am bad at everything. just something in madison for now.

i am incompetent, though, when it comes to my job. if a job post says that strong organizational skills are required, it is probably not a position i will be able to fill. send it anyway. maybe i can change.

i will be your best friend for ever.


9:59 AM


what sort of types of jobs should we look for?

would you consider being an aero-space engineer?

how bout a "magmatician"?
Blogger Henry, at 12:05 PM  
i know you said madison but the arts center in troy is looking for people to teach classes to kids. i bet you could do a shrinky-dinks class if you wanted.
Blogger AK, at 8:46 AM  
in the fall, there are always jobs available at MSCR. You should check it out. usually it is a twenty hour a week job that pays pretty well if you have a college degree. If you need to, you can always get a second job from them to make it a full time gig. Or at least you can ask. (MSCR: Madison School and Community Recreation. Or something like that)jeff
Blogger The Goat, at 1:43 PM  
I know you need full-time work with insurance, but maybe you could get your foot in the door at MATC by teaching a single class in the evenings. They're accepting applications, it looks like (including social psych):

Sooner or later they (or some other community college) will be looking for a full-timer, and it wouldn't hurt to have some experience.

Assuming you'd rather teach than do what you're doing now.
Blogger Dr. Danger, at 5:25 PM  

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