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Friday, September 07, 2007

drivin on 9

my job involves a lot of driving around in madison and surronding communities. for the past three days i have gotten lost. on wednesday i missed an exit to marshall and had to drive an extra 10 or 11 miles before there was another. on thursday i made about a thousand wrong turns in deforest. i get lost there all of the time. in my defense, their street signs are hard to read (black and white with a strange, crowded font) and i think i need new glasses anyway. today i missed the 12/18 exit going to cambridge. on the way back, i went the wrong way on 12/18 for about 2 miles. i have no idea how i can get lost so easily. it makes my job challenging, but at least my teensy car gets good mileage. driving around, especially given the absented mindedness and confusion that sends me way off course, gives me a lot of time to think, which is often quite horrible given my often morose nature. today wasn't so bad. a little bad, but suprisingly okay. i thought through some things and made a couple of decisons, one of which was to make an optometry appointment.

anyway, the best part of my drive today was passing a truck weigh station that was actually open! in my experience they are almost always closed. not only did this one ask that trucks stop, but as they left, there was an electronic message board that said, "okay go ahead." cracked me up. i tried very hard to remember it, and i did. i also tried to remember the lyrics to a country song that i caught when i was scanning the radio signals. i think the song had the word "bone" in it, but that is all i can dredge up. like skeletal bones, befofe your mind takes that trip to the gutter.

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