the wrong side of the bed

Thursday, September 06, 2007

when i type in neuropsychologist, spell chekc wants me to use parapsychologist

i have other, more distressing news, but i will tell you about my brain instead. i get to go to the neuropsychologist on october 3rd. the testing will take 4-6 hours. i'm not really sure what i will be doing and the woman who scheduled my appointment was not terribly forthcoming with information. i am happy to go and they can do whatever they want to me. within reason.

i'm afraid that my medications keep me up past my bed time. i am always exhausted, but when i go to sleep, i don't actually go to sleep. i need to stop taking my pills before i go to bed. even though the label on the side of the container indicates that i may experience drowsiness. big fucking lie. i plan to be a zombie tomorrow, which is great because i have to chair a meeting at 8:00 pm and then possibly go home and bake a cake.

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