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Thursday, June 01, 2006

prelim on a bun*

get ready for me to put on some weight. the stress of various things (finding a job, thinking about epilepsy, etc.) is leading to some unnecessary eating. the biggest factor is probably the prelim. everytime i sit down to study, i almost immediately want to eat a pack of twizzlers and a grilled cheese sandwich. better yet, i wish i could eat a tiny triangle of my stomach over and over again, like in that one itchy and scratchy cartoon.

* when i was a novice talker, one of my favorite things to say to people was whatever they had just said to me, but with the addition of "on a bun!" if you offered me a dolly, i would have said, "dolly on a bun!" if you offered me a bun, i would have said, "bun on a bun!" you probably get the picture.

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2:42 PM


I gained at least 10 lbs studying for my first *official* prelim (that's not counting the prelims that I started studying for and didn't end up taking). It was a cycle of lattes and post-study pints of Chubby Hubby. Chubby indeed. I guess I don't actually regret it do what you gotta do.
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