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Thursday, March 08, 2007

sister for sale

i was thinking about my relationship with my older sister last night.* specifically, i was thinking about how much i wanted to be like her when i was a kid. it was just a passing thought, but it came up again at lunch today when my co-worker was talking about her daughters. her girls are 7 or 8 years apart in age. my sister and i were 4.5 years apart. when christie was in high school and i was in middle/jr. high school, i thought she was the bees knees. same with my co-worker's daughters. often my sister and i were good friends, but sometimes she would get so pissed off at me for being a younger sister. same with my co-worker's kids. the funny thing is that my sister and i got to be friends a bit more because we were closer in age. as a little sister, i feel bad for riley, the younger one, and less sympathy for the older one.

* i was thinking about the many times my sister would go to the mall, buy herself a beatles t-shirt (she loved the beatles), and give it to me. i later found out that she really wanted the shirts for herself but felt to guilty about purchasing them. she'd always give them to me when she got home. i just thought she was a great older sister. every once in a while, though, she would flip out on me when i wore one of the shirts and accuse me of being a copy-cat and not having my own personality. what a meanie!

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5:00 PM


I was a pretty mean big sister.
I used to ignore my sister and call her "Smellody, the ghastly ghost."
(Her real name is Melody, get it?)

Anyways, I'm sure you will find that really mean and horrible, but that's just what little sisters do, isn't it?
I do love my sister though, and now that we're all grown up she's much more mature than me.
Blogger DJ Suky Tawdry, at 9:23 PM  
My baby sister and I were super close. There're 9.5 years between us, but we still did everything together. My other sister--she's exactly in between the two of us in age--was my stepdad's pet, so it was sort of my baby sister and me against her. You'd think two would win against one, but not if the one has a parent who always intervenes on her behalf.

Anyway, my baby sister thought I was awesome, and I thought she was fantastic. We had little pet names we still call each other--I'm Ginnie-boo, she's Lynnie-boo. My mom goes back and forth about which one of us is her favorite.
Blogger Gwen, at 9:32 AM  
And one of the reasons I'm super-excited about Vegas is to have her come visit and take her shopping and spend lots of money on her. I love to buy her things and always spend a ridiculous amount on her at Christmas.

This sometimes makes things awkward with my other sister. We don't have a lot in common.
Blogger Gwen, at 9:33 AM  

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