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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

destined to fail

i was nudged into taking a position on the "sunshine committee" at work. the committee is in charge of organizing snacks and whatnot for holidays i don't actually care about. st. patrick's day, valentine's day, popcorn day, etc. we are currently planning for a going away party and a wedding shower. a complicated and annoying thing happened today related to this party planning. it freaking pissed me off. yes, it is ridiculous to get upset about the sunshine committee, but it would seem that there is no thing so small that i can't get upset about it. try me.

i have been pretty grouchy about all of the sunshine committee related things that i have been asked to do so far. today i almost tried to resign, but i wasn't sure if i would be allowed. i briefly wondered if i should quit my job so that i could quit the committee.

the funny thing is that i was pushed to be on the committee because i am a pessimist and it was generally felt that this would help me be more positive.

fuck that shit.

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10:42 PM


you should start a splinter group that tries to spread ill will.

some ideas for names:

the total darkness committee
the solar eclipse committee
the "where the sun don't shine" committee
the snack-takers committee
the birthday schmirthday / holiday schmoliday committee
the "get your own damn popcorn and eat it on whatever damn day you like" committee
the "my attitude is just fine, thank you, and oh yeah, before i forget, i quit!" committee
the infinite eruption committee
Blogger Henry, at 8:06 AM  
Yesterday I got a call about a meeting of the Literacy Committee today. I called back and asked what they were talking about. They assured me I volunteered to be on it. I am certain beyond any doubt I did not. I generally remember if I volunteer for things. Saying this did not seem to get me off the committee, but just led to her welcoming me to it.

I don't even know what the committee actually does or what my role would be. I currently have two jobs. I really don't care to do any more volunteer work.

I hate crap like this.

On the up side, my farm job is a great excuse to get out of all the faculty and campus meetings I'm always being pressured to go to.
Blogger Gwen, at 9:31 AM  

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