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Thursday, October 11, 2007

nothing fudged

this is exactly the email that my mom sent me earlier:

"I just came back from a horrible meeting. My phone says somebody text
messaged me and I don't know how to get it off. I've been thinking about
you all day.

I must have been in the chowder this morning when you called because I
didn't hear anything. The red light was blinking when I got home.

Daddy is in Austin going to a conference and I am going to go up on Friday.
My brother Bill is bringing Devin to see my mom. It is all getting to
poignant for me.... Too many maybe the last times....

She got a hair cut and Nancy helped her take a real shower, not just a
lickety split one. Mom says that's Nancy's job... Thanks Nancy!!

I really like you. I guess I will eat peanut butter and jelly.


my grandmother is going to die soon. i didn't actually call my mom this morning, despite what she thinks. my mom calls showers "chowders."

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