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Monday, February 19, 2007

bend and stretch, reach for the stars

i don't normally take calls in dressing rooms, but my sister and i don't get a chance to talk very much anymore. christie works weird shifts (she is a nurse) and i never know when she is awake so i wait for her to call me. about once every other week i get a call from her as she drives to work. today we mostly talked about my nephew's birthday party, although i also discussed the pants i was trying on when she called.

christie wants to treat some of ezra's friends to a movie. ezra wants to have an astronomy and mythology themed birthday party. christie is willing to spend the $100+ it will cost to take the kids to the movies just so that she doesn't have a heard of screaming children in her house (there was a lack of involvement from adult family members who were supposed to supervise). christie claims the cost would be the same anyway. i think she can do a home party on the cheap. my idea is that if the other adults she recruits are given very specific tasks, they might be able to stay focused. i think that one adult per five children should work (maybe 1 extra just in case).

here's how it will work: there will be a couple of activity stations. each one will have very specific instructions and outcomes. activities will center on astronomy and mythology. i'm thinking that one station could be learning a bit about some culture's mythology and then creating an original constellation. a paper plate can be penetrated with a pin in the shape of the constellation. a flashlight would then be employed to illuminate the constellation in a dark room (ezra's closet?). another station could be about the origin of the names of the planets or something and the kids can make one of those silly styrofom ball models or something. station 3 could involve decorating star shaped cookies. station four could be about glam rock. the kids could put on make up like david bowie or maybe even the star child from kiss. station five could be about comic book mythology and could focus on the evolution of the dark phoenix from the x-men series. fun!

before the kids go home, christie could just sprinkle the kids with glitter that will get stuck to their sticky scalps. parents will be struggling to get that out of hair for days!

my nephew's birthday is on april 7th. i did not get the pants i was trying on. please send me ideas for birthday party activities and treats.

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11:00 PM


OMG, if I ever have kids--which is doubtful--you are totally going to be their favorite aunt and will help me plan all parties and activities. I might pay you a salary to be on call at all times.

Since this is a mythology-themed party, where are the Intelligent Design and Weapons of Mass Destruction stations?
Blogger Gwen, at 9:57 AM  
I think the children should have a lively debate on the demotion of Pluto from planet to minor planet.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:54 AM  
spelling mistake "heard" should be "herd" (as in nerd, not neard).

speaking of children, why are there so many underage workers selling cookies all over the place this time of year? apparently some woman took her daughter out of school a day or two this week so she could sell cookies at UT (because the weather was so nice and when they came to UT to sell cookies on the weekend, there weren't enough people here). can't we fund this iraq war without little girls selling crack on street corners?
Anonymous joe, at 8:34 AM

and everybody should get this cellphone that supports planned parenthood! it kills babies with every ringtone! no, seriously, everybody should support planned parenthood because there are too many people on this killing machine called earth.
Anonymous still joe, at 8:38 AM  

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