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Monday, February 12, 2007

john jacob jingleheimer schmidt

can you believe that i have an uncle who is also named el jefe (AKA the goat)? it is totally true. this weekend i emailed the one in dallas thinking that i was emailing the one in california. i lost el jefe's phone number and emailed him to ask for it.

subject line: i feel like i might want to call you.
body: what's your dang phone number?

my uncle sent his phone number and a message. call away! the problem is that i have nothing, absolutely fricking nothing, to say to him. i don't even know if i can make up something to say to him. my sister thinks i should just come clean and confess to the mistake. what do you think?

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8:02 PM


Confessing would have to be way less painful than trying to make something up.
Blogger jeremy, at 10:03 PM  
You could take the path of least hurt and just say you wanted to say hello, didn't have anything specific in mind. He clearly would welcome the call, and just asking how he's doing might make him feel valued. Consider it your penance for the mistake.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:50 AM  

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